Rams News · OHSAA Pre-Season Meeting Changed to Seaborn Elementary

Due to certain restrictions and limitations on gatherings, the Mineral Ridge Athletic Department will host its fall pre-season meeting for parents and coaches.  Please limit to one parent to the meeting.  This will take place at Seaborn Elementary cafeteria on the following dates and times:

Wednesday July 8th

  • 6-7 PM all 7th grade fall student athletes
  • 8-9 PM all 8th grade fall student athletes

Thursday July 9th

  • 6-7 PM all 9th & 10 grade fall student athletes
  • 8-9 PM all 11th & 12th grade fall student athletes

This meeting is for cheer, football, soccer, golf, cross country, and volleyball players, parents and coaches.  The meeting will consist of OHSAA rules, Weathersfield Local School rules, Athletic Department rules, PRIVIT, and other important information.


Agenda for Mandatory Preseason Meeting (Sample)



I.    Overview

  1. Welcome and introductions by the athletic administrator
  2. Introduction of coaches/athletic trainers/sponsors and/or administrative staff
  3. District program philosophy
    1. Sporting conduct
    2. Citizenship
    3. State and school eligibility standards
    4. Expectations of student participants, their parents and coaches
    5. Special concerns/responsibilities of athletes and parents

II.    Information

  1. Show OHSAA preseason meetings PowerPoint presentation with emphasis on the following essential eligibility standards:
    1. Must be currently enrolled or participating in accordance with state law
    2. A biological or adoptive parent must live in Ohio
    3. Must have passed five (5) one credit courses for which grades were received or the equivalent in the immediately preceding grading period – high school
    4. Must have received passing grades in a minimum of four of the subjects in which you received grades in the immediately preceding grading period – 7th-8th grade school
    5. Students taking College Credit Plus must comply with OHSAA scholarship standards
    6. Students participating via state law (home-educated, non-public, community and STEM school students) must comply with OHSAA scholarship standards
    7. Semester and yearly grades have no effect on OHSAA eligibility (
    8. Summer school, College Credit Plus and other educational options (e.g. work per- mitted after the conclusion of the grading period), may not be used to bring a stu- dent into compliance with scholarship bylaws, nor can they be used to compensate for lack of courses taken in the preceding grading

9.   Do not drop a class or change a schedule without checking with either the principal or athletic administrator

  1. A high school student is entitled to eight semesters of participation opportunity once he/she enters grade 9 and whether he/she participates or not
  2. A seventh-eighth grade student is entitled to four semesters of participation opportunity once he/she enters grade 7 and whether he/she participates or not
  3. High school students will be ineligible whenever they turn 20; seventh-eighth grade students who turn 15 prior to August 1 means ineligible for grades 7th-8th (but could compete at high school for eight semesters)
  4. During the sport season, you may not participate on a non-school team in the same sport in which you are participating for the school
  5. There are certain restrictions regarding tryouts, practices and competitions with non-school teams before, during and after the season, and there are restrictions for instruction you can receive from school coaches outside of your season. Before participating with a non-school team or receiving instruction outside the season from your school coaches, meet with your school’s athletic administrator


Sample Preseason Meeting Agenda (General Information) — 2


  1. High School transfer students new to this school must ensure that all applicable forms have been completed. School administrators will submit this paperwork to the OHSAA Office. Eligibility will be granted by the state office only if one of the exceptions to the OHSAA transfer regulation has been met. Otherwise, transfers may expect a period of
  2. When in doubt, ask a school administrator. If the administrator still has questions, he/she will contact the
  1. Other topics
    1. Required school forms
    2. School athletic code of conduct
    3. School academic requirements (district GPA, no pass/no play, may be more stringent than OHSAA’s, )
    4. Sporting behavior and expectations of coaches, student-athletes and parents/fans towards each other, opponents and their fans and contest officials
    5. School use of social media policies
    6. Attendance requirements for participation in practices and/or contests
    7. Participating in more than one sport at the same time
    8. Practice and contest guidelines when school is postponed, on holidays,
  2. Health and medical/concussion/sudden cardiac arrest/injury issues
    1. Required preparticipation evaluation and parental consent forms
    2. Athletic trainers and team doctors procedures and policies
    3. Concussion management protocol, regulations and sign-off on Ohio Department of Health’s “Concussion Information Sheet”
    4. Sudden cardiac arrest protocol and sign-off on Ohio Department of Health’s “Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet”
    5. Heat management guidelines
    6. Communicable disease and skin infection procedures
    7. Reporting injuries, failure to report injuries and procedures for game participation if no participation in practice
    8. Lightning and inclement weather policies
  3. Athletic participation insurance
    1. School policy, availability
    2. Procedure for reporting injuries and submitting claims
  4. Activity fees and/or pay to participate
  5. Information for college bound student-athletes

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